Our Approach



Outside the Lines was created to provide comprehensive, collaborative services to help children and their families navigate the challenges of child development. 


Children and families who are referred to our office are evaluated via a combination of detailed parent interviews, clinical observations, and standardized testing. Through this comprehensive evaluation process, the occupational therapist gains insight into the lagging skill sets impacting successful participation in activities of daily living and positive social relationships. 


Next steps involve the generation of individual treatment plans. At Outside the Lines we believe strongly in the importance of a cohesive team approach and work to include all members of a child’s team via consultation with, recommendations for, and education of those involved. 


Here at Outside the Lines we recognize that children who struggle motorically, cognitively, socially, scholastically, or behaviorally are often told what they cannot or should not do. It is our mission to change this pattern of thinking by supporting children and their families to improve lagging skills and utilize their strengths to meet their goals for engaging successfully in their homes and communities. We aim to empower our clients and help them to identify and advocate for their individual needs. 


All of the therapy approaches offered at Outside the Lines are rooted in evidence-based practice. Clinicians incorporate the newest research in child development, neuroscience, and mental health constructs in developing all treatment plans for children and their families. 



Skills and Challenges Addressed


Patients seek services at Outside the Lines for a wide variety of reasons.  Some come to us with specific diagnoses, while others are demonstrating difficulties that have been harder to define.  Whether diagnosed or not, we recognize that patients exhibiting behaviors perceived as challenging are communicating a need that can often be addressed via the improvement of lagging skills or modifications to a task or environment.  As we like to say here, we’re all working on something!  Here are some of the skill areas we commonly address:


  • Executive functions deficits

  • Sensory processing differences

  • Social skill building

  • Fine and gross motor delays

  • Self-regulation difficulties

  • Learning differences 

  • Emotional regulation

  • Developmental Delays

  • Developing independence in self-care

  • Parenting support and education


Have questions about any of these skill areas and how they might be addressed by an occupational therapist?  Give us a call or check out our Parent Resources tab for more information!


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