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Our Philosophy

We take a holistic approach to your child's development. Our philosophy is to engage the child, family and external support team (school, caretakers and medical staff) in the treatment and implementation of your child's therapeutic interventions.  We strive to help and assist in problem solving every step of the way.  We understand the struggles families can encounter and work to encourage early learning to foster your child's overall independence.


We believe it takes a village to raise a child, let us be a part of your village! 



We offer occupational therapy, speech therapy and developmental therapies for children with a wide range of disabilities and areas of struggle.  Some of our services include but are not limited to the treatment of

  • fine and gross motor delays
  • cognitive delays
  • executive function problems which affect a child's success in school and home
  • sensory processing dysfunction
  • genetic disorders which cause delays
  • speech and language delays/disorders 
  • behavioral consultations 
  • social thinking groups and individual treatment 
  • school IEP consulting 


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We're Here to Help You!

If you have any questions regarding our services or programs please do not hesitate to call. We're always happy to assist you.
Phone: +1 603-609-5685
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We Moved!! 

We've Moved!


Check out the pictures from our move on our facebook page!


We have 3 times the indoor space and 11 acres of outdoor space to use for therapy! We are so excited to share this wonderful expansion with you! 


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