Developmental Evaluations

Parent interviews, clinical observations, teacher reports, and standardized testing will be completed to evaluate the developmental success of children birth-18 years of age.  The primary focus of the skills we address included but is not limited to:


  • Gross Motor Skills: Your child's ability to throw, kick, walk, run, navigate uneven terrain, bilaterally coordinate left and right sides of his body, motor plan, and balance


  • Fine Motor Skills: Your child's grasp patters, writing and feeding utensil use, handwriting, cutting, in hand manipulation, coordination, strength, fastener and shoe tying abilities and self dressing  


  • Play Skills: We will work to discover where your child falls regarding his developmental play skills.  For example does he/she demonstrate sensory play, cause/affect play, parallel play, collaborative play, symbolic play etc.


  • Visual Motor Skills: You child's ability to process visual information and plan a motor output to appropriately interact in his/her environment, also commonly known as hand/eye coordination  


  • Attention and Focus: Your child's ability to process visual and verbal directions and follow through with adult directed and self directed activities.  Your child's ability to self-regulate and sit for non-preferred tasks will be looked at along with his/her ability to refocus once distracted.  


Please review our developmental milestones information under Parent Resources to help guide you regarding your child's development.  It is always important to bring up any concerns regarding your child's development to your pediatrician as they too can help guide you.  

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