Behavioral Consulting

At Outside The Lines we strongly believe that children will do well if they can.  We do not use traditional behavioral interventions like sticker charts, reward systems or punishment to "get kids to behave."  We work with parents and children to investigate what are lagging skill sets which cause maladaptive and negative behaviors.  


Children and parents are empowered and taught how to overcome these lagging skill sets to help children feel successful and in control of their behaviors and actions.  No two behaviors can be explained the same way therefor no cookie cutter solutions will be successful.  You and your child will work equally hard at problem solving and correcting/rehabilitating lagging skills to create a mutually respected and loving relationship between child/adolescent and his or her support team.  


Research and interventions from world-renowned psychologists will be implemented and adapted to best suit you and your family.  Please call us to set up a behavioral consultation so we can help get you started on a path of behavioral success!  

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We Moved!! 

We've Moved!


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We have 3 times the indoor space and 11 acres of outdoor space to use for therapy! We are so excited to share this wonderful expansion with you! 


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