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Outside The Lines was founded in order to bring a comprehensive, positive, holistic approach to helping children and their families reach a level of independence that may not have been imagined.  Children are first evaluated using parent interviews, clinical observations and standardized testing to clarify their exact area of struggle.  Individual treatment plans are then created.  The entire childcare team is then encouraged to work together and collaborate to help the child reach their true potential for education, leisure and motor milestones.


Here at Outside The Lines children's struggles are not only addressed, but their strengths are also highlighted.  Children are taught how to use their strengths to help self-advocate and become more independent despite any disability or processing deficit.  Children who struggle motorically, cognitively, socially, scholastically, or behaviorally often hear repeatedly what they cannot do.  It is our mission to change this pattern and empower children and their families no matter what their diagnosis or area of struggle may be.  


We offer additional programs not easily found in the seacoast area, which sets our clinic apart from other facilities.  Our strong commitment to offer evidence based practice and the newest research in child development treatment approaches are trademarks in all developed treatment plans for children and their families.  

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